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Data Stewards

Data Stewards are organizational leaders or teams empowered to create public value by re-using their organization’s data (and data expertise).


The purpose of a Data Subscription is to provide subscribers with valuable and up-to-date data that can be used to inform decision-making processes and gain a competitive advantage in a specific industry.


The following are typical responsibilities of Data Stewards:

  • Data Governance: Developing and implementing data governance frameworks, policies, and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.
  • Data Quality Management: Establishing data quality standards, monitoring data quality metrics, and implementing strategies to improve data accuracy, completeness, and consistency.
  • Metadata Management: Defining and maintaining metadata (data about data) to provide comprehensive information about data assets, including their origin, meaning, and relationships.
  • Data Classification and Security: Categorizing data based on sensitivity and implementing appropriate security measures to protect confidential or sensitive data from unauthorized access or breaches.
  • Data Access and Usage: Defining and managing data access controls, permissions, and usage policies to ensure data privacy, confidentiality, and ethical use.
  • Data Integration and Data Flow: Collaborating with data integration teams to establish data integration strategies, data mapping, and data lineage to ensure smooth and accurate data flow across systems and processes.
  • Data Compliance and Audit: Ensuring compliance with data protection laws, regulations, and internal policies. Facilitating data audits and supporting compliance activities.
  • Data Training and Communication: Conducting training sessions to educate users on data governance policies, data handling best practices, and promoting a data-driven culture within the organization. Documenting data-related processes and procedures.

Why TrustRelay?


Use spaces to invite a group of companies and people that will use shared data for a common purpose.

Organization Accounts

Accounts allow users to login and relate to each other based on their work's email domain.

Real-time SQL Query

Use our distributed query engine to retrieve data from decentralized data sources (no need to centralize all data in a single place).

Data Sharing Agreements

If you're a data provider you can use our templates to create a simple yet effective Data Sharing Agreements.

Electronic Signatures

Most Data Sharing Agreements should be legally-binding, this is why we offer you the possibility to use electronic signatures.

Confidential Computing

Data is a precious asset, we use confidential computing to safeguard it and make sure only the authorized people can access it.