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Data Subscriptions

A Data Subscription is a service that allows organizations to access and utilize a specific amount or type of data on an ongoing basis.


The purpose of a Data Subscription is to provide subscribers with valuable and up-to-date data that can be used to inform decision-making processes and gain a competitive advantage in a specific industry.


The following are typical characteristics of a Data Subscription:

  • Payment: It may involve a recurring payment or subscription fee to gain regular access to a predefined set of data or a data feed.
  • Data Types: The databases involved can include a wide range of data types, data formats, frequency of updates, and the level of detail provided, depending on the nature of the subscription.
  • Compliance: It's worth noting that Data Subscriptions should be utilized in compliance with privacy regulations and legal considerations to ensure the ethical and responsible use of data.
  • Use of Data Sharing Agreements: All subscriptions require data consumers to sign (agree) to a set of legal terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may outline the length of the subscription, a renewal procedure, cancellation policy, payment terms, and usage or quantity limits.

Conditions for success

The success of a data collaborative is ultimately measured by the positive impact and value it generates for the intended population. Participants and sponsors should define metrics, indicators, or targets to assess the impact of their collective efforts and continuously evaluate and improve their activities to maximize societal benefits.

Why TrustRelay?


Use spaces to invite a group of companies and people that will use shared data for a common purpose.

Organization Accounts

Accounts allow users to login and relate to each other based on their work's email domain.

Real-time SQL Query

Use our distributed query engine to retrieve data from decentralized data sources (no need to centralize all data in a single place).

Data Sharing Agreements

If you're a data provider you can use our templates to create a simple yet effective Data Sharing Agreements.

Electronic Signatures

Most Data Sharing Agreements should be legally-binding, this is why we offer you the possibility to use electronic signatures.

Confidential Computing

Data is a precious asset, we use confidential computing to safeguard it and make sure only the authorized people can access it.