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Data Spaces

A Data Space is a joint effort that consists of loosely coupled, independent actors with equal rights that act as data producers, Data Stewards and data consumers in a business-to-business fashion.

Principles of Data Spaces

The following principles are important in this collaboration:

focused on common rules and guidelines for data sharing, data access, data usage, data quality, data security, data privacy, and data compliance.
guarantees that protect the rights of individuals and organizations to control their data and to share it with others.
with a new business model that places data at the center of their value proposition.
that enables the secure exchange of data between organizations.
that is interoperable, of high quality, and trustworthy.

Conditions for success

Organizations must rethink their strategy to fully embrace a data culture that places data at the center of their value proposition. There is a secure environment that catalyzes the trustworthiness of data using technology to enable privacy, interoperability and quality of data. Participating members follow fair, transparent rules of conduct during the lifecycle of the data sharing engagement.

Why TrustRelay?


Use spaces to invite a group of companies and people that will use shared data for a common purpose.

Organization Accounts

Accounts allow users to login and relate to each other based on their work's email domain.

Real-time SQL Query

Use our distributed query engine to retrieve data from decentralized data sources (no need to centralize all data in a single place).

Data Sharing Agreements

If you're a data provider you can use our templates to create a simple yet effective Data Sharing Agreements.

Electronic Signatures

Most Data Sharing Agreements should be legally-binding, this is why we offer you the possibility to use electronic signatures.

Confidential Computing

Data is a precious asset, we use confidential computing to safeguard it and make sure only the authorized people can access it.